Request Free Support

UPDATE:  Thanks for your interest.  We are no longer using the formalized system of requesting support that is described below.  If you would like to request support, please email and we will explore whether support may still be available.


Please complete the short form below if you are interested in receiving FREE mental health, bodywork, or spiritual support.  A caregiver will contact you directly after your information is processed.  PLEASE NOTE:  Earlier in the pandemic, these services were limited to essential workers.  They are currently available to anyone living in Greater Cincinnati.

SUBMITTING THE FORM:  This on-line form typically works best when submitted from a computer or tablet, however, some mobile devices work well.  If you have difficulty submitting the form on one device (e.g. computer or tablet), please try again on another device (e.g. a cellphone).  Please email us if you continue to have difficulty and we will assure that your request is processed:

And if you are a caregiver seeking to volunteer support, please click here.