Self-Care Library

The Cincinnati COVID Worker Support Network developed this self-care library as a resource for all who are seeking to heal and grow into their full potential.

All listed resources are available from the author on the Internet without cost.  Our entire website is available for public use, without copyright.  We invite you to explore the diverse opportunities and to share with others.

Introduction to Self Care

There are many resources for healing and personal growth that you may learn to nurture in yourself and others.  This section of the library introduces you to a wide variety of options.


Our ability to think, verbalize, and problem solve are examples of how our mind may support healing and personal growth.  Learn to reframe challenges into growth opportunities.


Our bodies are designed to move, help process emotions, and interact with the environment.  For example, we often store stress in our bodies.  Learn how bodywork can help you to manage stress and expand into your full potential.


We are connected with others and all that is beyond physical existence.  Learn to embrace spiritual practices that help you to connect with others and the divine.

Other Self Care Libraries

Other organizations have also developed on-line libraries listing a wide variety of resources for healing and personal growth, including navigating the COVID 19 pandemic.  Click here for additional options.

COVID Specific

Resources focused on health, safety and all dimensions of developing resilience during the long-term COVID 19 pandemic.

Healthcare & First Responders

Resources focused on the specialized demands of Healthcare Workers and First Responders, who are experiencing unique risks and emotional demands during the pandemic.

Community Resources

Community resources available in Greater Cincinnati to support your physical, emotional and spiritual needs such as food, housing, and wellness.