Network Organization

By working together, we can sustain our resilience, connection, and ability to support one another.  The Cincinnati COVID Worker Support Network is modeled after the NYC COVID Care Network.  Administration of the network is coordinated by a central organizing team.

Self-Care Library

Our self-care library of free and publicly available resources offers everyone opportunities for healing and personal growth.  We welcome your ideas for additional resources by emailing:


Volunteer caregivers offer additional support for anyone living in Greater Cincinnati who is interested in increased connection through mental health, bodywork, or spiritual care.  These caregivers are organized into groups of 10, known as “pods.” Each pod is supported by a facilitator.

Caregivers are assigned to a pod based on their self-described skills, interests, and expertise. Each pod is a semi-autonomous unit, choosing how best to support each other.  Pods may have common interests or unifying training, such as:

  • Mental Health:  Mental Health Providers and other Licensed Healthcare Professionals offering individualized mental health support
  • Bodywork & Energy Healing:  Holistic Practitioners offering body based modalities (e.g. Massage, Healing Touch, BodyTalk, Alexander Technique, Reiki, etc.)
  • Spiritual Care:  Spiritual Direction and Pastoral Care
  • Coaches:  Certified Coaches with varied specialties (e.g. life, holistic, career, executive, etc.)
  • Groups:  Facilitators of Groups (e.g. support groups, yoga, movement classes, meditation, stress management training, spiritual teachings, grief rituals, art classes, etc.)

The facilitator serves as an organizer, point of contact, and support for the pod’s caregivers.

Click here for a caregiver application.

Request Free Support

Anyone living in Greater Cincinnati may request free support by submitting an on-line form.  Click here to request support.