Introduction to Self Care

Pause. Deep Breath. Tune in. What do you notice?

3 Minute Video from Stanford Graduate School of Business

Take Care of Yourself

Oprah Winfrey talks about the importance of taking care of yourself. She spoke at Stanford Graduate School of Business’ View From The Top speaker series on April 16, 2014.

2 Minute Video with William Bloom

Science and Health Benefits of Self-Care

A brief summary of the varied health benefits of self-care.

4 Minute Video with Bruce Lipton

Epigenetics: What Really Controls Our Genes and Why We Don’t Have to Be Victims of Our DNA

Sometimes it seems like you can tell when someone’s in love just by looking at them – ever wonder why that is? Here’s what Bruce Lipton, PhD has to say about this, and why our thoughts and perceptions can be very important when it comes to our health and happiness.

Social Connection

Article from Inc.

This 75-Year Harvard Study Found the 1 Secret to Leading a Fulfilling Life

“The clearest message that we get from this 75-year study is this: Good relationships keep us happier and healthier. Period.”

Article and 20 Minute Audio Meditation

Feeling Isolated? Try this 20-minute Connection Practice

Turning toward panic or anxiety can help us feel more anchored in the present—and more at home in ourselves and the world around us. Here is a 20-minute meditation for cultivating inner and outer connection.

Article from the New York Times

How to Hug During a Pandemic

We asked scientists who study airborne viruses to teach us the safest way to hug.  Based on mathematical models from a Hong Kong study, Dr. Marr calculated that the risk of exposure during a brief hug can be surprisingly low — even if you hugged a person who didn’t know they were infected and happened to cough.

Heart Connection

5 Tools from HeartMath

Connect with the Heart of Who You Truly Are

5 HeartMath Tools to reduce stress, anxiety and fear while improving mental health.   The program provides techniques for connecting with your heart’s intuitive directions for the best choices in whatever your life situation calls for. You will learn how love, kindness and compassion help improve our immune system, health and self-security. We sincerely feel these practical tools can be valuable in helping you navigate through these unpredictable and challenging times with more ease and clarity.

Brain Balancing

14 Minute Video with Emma McAdam

Rewiring the Anxious Brain – Neuroplasticity and the Anxiety Cycle

You can rewire your brain to be less anxious through a simple- but not easy process. Understanding the Anxiety Cycle, and how avoidance causes anxiety to spiral out of control, unlocks the key to learning how to tone down anxiety and rewire those neural pathways to feel safe and secure.

Brain Balancing Techniques from the International BodyTalk Association

6 Minute Video
6 Minute Video

The Cortices Technique (Self-Application)

The cortices technique is a powerful method for reducing stress and supporting general health in the body and mind. Anytime we recognize that we are in a stressed state, whether physically, mentally, or emotionally, the Cortices Technique can help to restore greater ease and relaxation throughout the body. The technique does this by helping to improve communication between the left and right hemispheres of the brain, thereby improving general brain function. When the brain is communicating better, it is more capable of attending to its own needs for health and wellbeing.

The Cortices Technique (Partner Application)

The Cortices Technique is one of the core techniques of the BodyTalk System.  The technique can be performed on friends and family.  In this short video, two instructors demonstrate how to perform the technique on a partner. 

Guided Meditation

5 Minute Podcast from the University of Michigan

Varied Podcasts

Introduction to Guided Meditation

The first part of the podcast explains guided imagery, its uses and tips on how best to make use of it. The second part of the podcast offers a short imagery focused on relaxation.

Guided Meditation Library

Podcast library of diverse guided meditations, including descriptions.

Varied Podcasts from Kaiser Permanente

Audio meditations for health

This collection of audio meditations can help you access your body’s natural tendency to repair and heal. Through guided imagery and affirmations, you can use your own mind as a complement to traditional medicine. Listen as often as you’d like for maximum benefit.

Healing Spaces

Article from WebMD

Do You Need a Nature Prescription?

Nature therapy may mean that better health is right outside your door.  A stroll outside on a sunny day is a great pick-me-up. Now it may also be just what the doctor ordered.

51 Minute Podcast with On Being Studios

Esther Sternberg — The Science of Healing Places

Esther Sternberg is an immunologist and a pioneer on this new frontier that’s giving rise to disciplines like neuroimmunology and environmental psychology. Architects are working with scientists to imbue the spaces we move through — the sights, sounds, and smells of them — with active healing properties. And Esther Sternberg says all of us can create surroundings and even portable sensations to manage stress and tap our brain’s own internal pharmacies.