All free groups will be provided on-line via video conferencing or in person using safe practices established by state and professional guidelines.  Options may include support groups, movement classes, meditation, stress-management training, spiritual teachings, grief rituals, art classes, etc.

Some of the providers listed on this page offer donation and fee based groups in addition to their free groups.  Please contact the provider directly if you have questions about their fees and the potential for free options.

Support and Coaching Groups from Journey to Hope

Emotional, Physical and Financial Well-Being

We offer a variety of support and coaching groups. Most are free of charge, and all are open to anyone in the Greater Cincinnati area. To find the group for you, read more about our programs on Emotional Well-Being, Physical Well-Being and Financial Well-Being.  Check out our calendar to take your next step, and be your best self!

Guided Meditation Group

Guided Meditation Group

Guided Meditation (Imagery and Affirmations) is a practice that can help your body, mind and spirit work together for your benefit.  Group meditation is held twice each week – on Tuesday evenings from 7:30-8:30pm and on Wednesday mornings from 9-10am. During the pandemic, we are meeting by Zoom Conference.  Email Anne Brack for more information:

Qigong Healing

Movement Group

Qigong Practice Group

This Qigong practice group focuses on movements, mental imagery, and meditation techniques designed to help your body’s natural healing system remove energy blockages, return balance to your body, and keep the energy flowing smoothly. For information about free opportunities, please contact Chris McLaren at:

Professional Networking and Support Resources from AHNA

The Compassion Caravan

The Compassion Caravan is a national project of the American Holistic Nurses Association to offer compassion through heart-centered presence, holistic communication, networking and focused experiences in self-reflection and healing.  Virtual events to support nurses and healthcare providers include:  Youtube videos and Compassionate Listening Circles.

Videoconference Groups for Nurses to Connect and Process COVID-19 Together

Resilience Groups for Nurses

Nurses on the frontlines of COVID-19 are facing unprecedented emotional challenges.  NurseGroups is a volunteer-led emotional resilience service created specifically for nurses in response to this crisis.  Our resilience groups are free, confidential, just for nurses, and led by our team of experienced facilitators.

If you are interested in offering a group, or listing one that you already offer, please email