What is a Facilitator?

In the simplest sense, facilitators are just other volunteer caregivers in the network. You are there to help a pod of caregivers to stay organized and connected to the network as a whole.  Click here for a description of how the network is organized.

Facilitators are not experts, leaders, or authorities. Their role is to support the pods, to help them operate as smoothly and efficiently as possible. And to help pod members feel like they are in community. 

How do I begin?

Your first step will be to assemble your pod of caregiver volunteers. You will receive a list of caregivers from the pod coordinator. In most cases, these volunteers have been grouped together because of similarities in the modalities that they offer. 

Once you receive your list of caregivers, please reach out to on-board them into the pod. You will also receive batches of workers interested in receiving support.  It is your job to facilitate matches between the workers and caregivers.

It’s up to you how you prefer to organize your pod.  You will receive an orientation to help you get started and support from our pod coordinator.

Click here to apply to be a facilitator, which is designated on the caregiver application.