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As we transition from our initial crisis of the COVID 19 pandemic, into a stage of learning to live with the virus, the on-going psychological, emotional, physical, and spiritual demands are draining. Many people lack adequate support and may feel isolated, misunderstood, burned out, or even stigmatized for their contact with infected populations

The Cincinnati COVID Worker Support Network is a self-organized network of volunteer mental health providers, other health professionals, stress-management teachers, life coaches, spiritual care providers, healers, and other caregivers who have stepped up to offer their time and tools to foster resilience during this long-term pandemic.  In addition to offering individual or group support, volunteer opportunities include community building (e.g. organizing volunteers) and supporting the network’s infrastructure (e.g. database management and recruitment).

How the Network Works

Please apply to volunteer if you self-identify as a caregiver who is licensed, certified, or otherwise professionally trained in a modality that you perceive would support the mission of the Cincinnati COVID Worker Support Network as described here.

All support will be provided at a distance using social distancing practices or in person using safe practices established by state and professional guidelines.  Our current focus is to network connections for individual encounters, groups, and grief rituals.  In addition, we offer an extensive Self Care Library for self directed healing opportunities.

Each caregiver is assigned to a pod of up to 10 caregivers.  Most pods are grouped by similar modalities.  Each pod is supported by a facilitator.

You may choose to serve as a facilitator, as a caregiver supported by a facilitator, or in both roles.  Click here for more information about the Facilitator role and how the network is organized.

Privacy is important.  Click here if you are interested in learning more about about how we treat data in the network.

All services offered during the COVID 19 pandemic are impacted by the long-term crisis that our world is navigating.  If you are interested in providing individual encounters, we ask that you consider offering a minimum of 6 volunteer encounters per individual, although some people may not be interested in that volume of service.

Once you are matched with someone requesting support, your relationship with that person is outside of the network.  You may establish any long-term relationship that best fits the needs of that individual and your professional practice.

And if you determine that your match is not a good fit, you may request a new match by contacting your Facilitator.  You may also volunteer to work with more than one individual by contacting your Facilitator.

Apply to Offer Support

If you are a caregiver interested in volunteering free support for people requesting support, please click on the button below.  A facilitator will contact you after your application is processed.

If you are interested in requesting support, please click here.