About caregiver data

The Cincinnati COVID Worker Support Network is committed to treating privacy very seriously. Information submitted by people requesting support, and caregivers, may not be shared outside the network. It will only be shared inside the network to connect those requesting support with caregivers.

We collect limited information because we are not a therapeutic organization. After you connect with someone requesting support, they may choose to disclose more about themselves and their situation. If they do, that information will be protected by whatever legal responsibilities apply to your license, certification, or modality.

If you have questions, please contact us at cincinnaticovidcare@gmail.com.

Other rights and


You have the right to “say no.”

This network matchs people requesting support with volunteer caregivers.  Once you are connected with a someone requesting support, then that relationship is no longer a part of this network.  However, you may request another match if the first connection is not a good fit for your priorities or if you are interested in volunteering with more than one person.  For more information, please contact your facilitator.