The Cincinnati COVID Worker Support Network

As the COVID-19 pandemic stretches our resources in countless ways, the demand is difficult to sustain.

To continue to address these mental, emotional, physical and spiritual needs, we modeled our network after the NYC COVID Care Network.  Cincinnati’s COVID Worker Support Network is a self-organized network of volunteer mental health providers, other health professionals, stress-management teachers, life coaches, spiritual care providers, healers, community-builders, and other caregivers who have stepped up to foster resilience during this long-term pandemic.

What are the benefits?

  • Relax
  • Release
  • Re-center
  • Re-energize

What types of support are offered?

  • We offer an extensive self-care library of written articles, videos, and techniques to foster your resilience during this unusual time.
  • Individual suport, and groups, are available for anyone living in Greater Cincinnati who is interested in increased connection.  Options may include individual support from a matched caregiver, support groups, stress-reduction training, and grief rituals.

Who may receive support from the network?

  • Everyone is welcome to utilize our self-care library of free and publicly available resources. Please click here to explore this opportunity for healing and personal growth.
  • Additional services are available for anyone living in Greater Cincinnati.  The on-going demands of living with a pandemic have left many feeling isolated, misunderstood, burned out, or even stigmatized for their contact with infected populations.  Please click here to explore this opportunity for FREE mental health, bodywork, or spiritual care.

Who may offer support in the network?

  • The network matches volunteer caregivers with people who have requested support.  Anyone who self-identifies as a trained caregiver may apply to offer volunteered support through the network. Please click here to apply.
  • Individual or group services may be provided through video-conference, telephone, or in person using safe practices established by your state and professional guidelines.
  • Once a volunteer caregiver is matched with someone interested in receiving support, further interactions with the worker are provided outside of the network.
  • To read more about the caregiver role, please click here.
  • To read more about the network and how we are organized, please click here.

Is the network licensed to provide therapy?

  • To be very explicit: as a network, we are not offering therapy — we are simply connecting individuals interested in extra support during these challenging times. We are not supervising caregivers or asking for reported feedback. However, some of the caregivers are healthcare professionals, who may be professionally licensed to offer therapeutic services.
  • Once we connect individuals, any interaction between the person requesting support and the caregiver, is outside of the Cincinnati COVID Worker Support Network. As consenting adults, participants can construct the relationship that they determine to be most helpful.
  • In terms of record-keeping, we only request minimal information about people applying to participate in the network. We are simply connecting people in need of support and those willing to offer support in a time of crisis.  Any data from people requesting support, or caregivers, will be shared only with those who have a need to know in order to match requested connections.

For questions or comments, please email: